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Ministry of Economy (ru/en)
Ministry of Transports (ru/en)
Federal Center for Project Finance (ru)
Federal Institute of Industrial Property (ru/en)
Economic Expert Group at the Ministry of Finance (r/en)
CISSTAT  Interstate Statistical Committee Commonwealth of Independent States (ru/en)
GOSKOMSTAT  Federal State Statistics Service (ru/en)
Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ru/en)
Saint-Petersburg Foundation for SME (rs/en)
Port of Saint-Petersburg (ru/en)
Neva Delta Shipping  Saint-Petersburg (en)
Federal Center for Project Finance (ru/en)
State Customs Committee (ru)
Emerging Markets Group (en)
SNIP  Russian National Standards (en)
Bloomberg Topic Russia Bloomberg Business and markets news

Russian Federation Government (ru)
Duma (ru)
Council of Federation (ru/en)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ru/en/fr/es/de)
Ministry of Justice (ru/en)
Ministry of Communication and Information (ru/en)
Ministry of Transport (ru)
Ministry of Defense (ru/en)
Informika State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications (ru)
Federal Space Agency (ru/en)
Service de Renseignements Russe  Служба внешней разведки Российской Федерации (ru)
Memorial Society Krasnoyarsk (ru/en/de)
Humanitarian Society  Memorial International Historical-enlightment (ru/en/de)

Moscow City Administration (ru)
Moscow City Travel informations (en)
Regional Administration of Novgorod (ru)
Regional Administration of Sakhalin (ru)
Regional Administration of Orenburg (ru) 

St. Petersburg
City Administration of St. Petersburg (ru)
St. Petersburg Finance Committee (ru)

Autonomous republics
Republic of Buryatia (ru)
Republic of Karelia (ru/suomi/en)
Khabarovsk Territory (ru/en)
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District (ru/de/en)
Leningrad Region (ru)
Lipetsk RegionalAdministration (ru/en)
Republic of Mari El (ru)
Jewish Autonomous Region (ru/chi/en)

Ukraine cASE
Web Portal of Ukrainian Government (ua/ru/en)
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (ua/ru/en)
Razoumkov Centre is a non-governmental think tank founded in 1994 in Kiev (ua/en)
Ukraine Overview and Analysis  EIA - Energy Information Administration (ua/ru/en)
Cyril Horiszny Photo journaliste  Reportages sur l’Ukraine (fr/ua/en)
Action extérieure Ukraine  Europa News update every day (fr/en)
La Russie d’Aujourd’hui / Russia Beyond the Headlines (fr/en)

CEFIR  Centre for Economic and Financial Research (ru/en)
Leontief Centre  The International Centre for Social and Economic Research (ru/en)
Labour Russia on the net (ru/en)
KPRF  Communist Party of the Russian Federation (ru)
KPR  Conservative Party of Russia (ru/en)
RNSP  Russian National Socialist Party (ru)
Russian Democracy Party (ru/en)

Moscow City Ballet (ru/en)
Moscow Symphony Orchestra (ru/en)
Bolshoi Ballet (ru/en)
The Kremlin (ru/en/de/es)
Winzavod  Contemporary Art Center (ru/en)
Institute of Russian Realist Art (ru/en)
MGOMZ  The Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical Architectural and Natural Landscape (ru/en)
Gothic Russian
  Gothic Page with many artists websites (ru/en)
Gif  Art  of Russia (ru)
Guelman Contemporary Russian Art on the Internet (ru/en)
Moscow Theatre  Server dedicated completely to the Moscow theatre life (ru/en)
The State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg (ru/en)
Art-VOLGA Gallery  Original art by contemporary Russian artists. More than 3500 original creative paintings available (ru/en)
Garage Center for Contemporary Culture 2014, nearly the Gorki Park (ru/en)

The State Tretyakov Gallery  Collection of Russian Art which masterpieces (ru/en)
Ginza Project includes more than 100 projects in restaurant and entertainment, by Alexeï Volkov (ru/en)
The Russian State Library is one of the largest libraries in the world (ru/en)

Moscow City Guide (en)
Moscow City  A journey to Moscow (en)
Moscow Metro (ru)
Café Pouchkine (en)
Radisson Royal Hotel  The great hotel in the great place of Moscow, which name's Ukraina Hotel (ru/en)
Moscow Info  Comprehensive and authoritative source of information for travelers to Moscow (en)
Many uefull guide for tourists in St. Petersburg (en)
Travel All Russia  Tours to Russia (en)
Integrum  Information Database in Russia (ru/en)
Russia tour  Guide and Self-guided Russia tours (en)
Travel Guide by Lonely Planet  Russia Travel Information (en)
Russia Travel  Russian visas, tours, cruises and excursions (en)
Express to Russia  Russia Train Schedules and Russian Train Tickets (en)
Trans-Siberian railway journey from Moscow to Beijing / Transsibérien de Moscou à Pékin (en/fr/de)
How to plan & book a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway (en)
Vladivostok  City Guide (ru/fr/en)
Irkutsk  Interactive Map of the lake Baikal (ru)
Lake Baïkal (en)

Gazeta  News from Russia (ru/en)
The Moscow Times (en)
RIA-Novosti  Russian Information Agency (EU.)
Itar-Tass  Press Agency (ru/en)
RBTH  Russia Beyond The Headlines (en)
Russie Net  Web Franco-Russe (fr/ru)

Leeds University  Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies (en)
Russian & East European Studies  University of Pittsburgh (en)
CAST  Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, founded by graduates of Moscow State Institute for International Relations - MGIMO (en)
BASIC  British American Security Information Council (en)
GCSP  Geneva Centre for Security Policy (fr/de/en)
SOVA  Centre for Information and Analisys (ru/en)
IISS  The International Institute for Strategic Studies, London (en)
IEP  Gaidar Institute for the Economic Policy (ru/en)
IMEMO  Institute of World Economy and International Relations (ru/en)
Inside Russia and Eurasia  Online Intelligence Bulletin of the European Press Agency (en)
Center of Arms Control  Energy and Environmental Studies (ru/en)
Nuclear Research Institute (EU.)
MIPT  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, State University (ru/en)
Minority languages of Russia on the web List of Resources (en/ru)
Central Asia and the Caucasus Center for Social and Political Studies (en/ru)
NUPI  Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (en)
Center for Strategic Research "North West" (ru/en)
Institute for the Economy in Transition (ru/en)
RSE Regard sur l’Est  Dossier Russie (fr)
Amnesty International  Russia (ru/en)
Post-Soviet Armies  Analysis on Post-Soviet Armies within the CIS (en)
The Andrei Sakharov  Foundation (en)
Russian State Library (ru/en)

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